What is 'Kent Council Leaders'

‘Kent Council Leaders’ is a high-level strategic group made up of the democratic Leaders of Kent County Council, the 12 District Councils in Kent and Medway Council. Medway and the District Councils’ Leaders are supported by their Chief Executives at the meetings, and Kent County Council’s Leader is supported by the Corporate Director for Business Strategy and Head of Paid Staff.

The members of the group have signed and work towards the ‘Kent Recommitment’. The meetings are focused around shared priorities, new initiatives, joint working and progress for the greater good of the county of Kent and its citizens. Where a collective voice for all local government in Kent is advantageous, it provides a mechanism to make this possible, such as the Kent Housing Strategy. It also governs the ‘Vision for Kent’; Kent’s Sustainable Community Strategy.

Kent Council Leaders meeting dates

  • 24 September 2014

    John Wigan, Oakwood
  • 20 November 2014

    John Wigan, Oakwood

Joint Kent Chiefs
meeting dates

  • 04 September 2014

    Verandah Room, Oakwood
  • 06 November 2014

    Verandah Room, Oakwood

Kent Forum
archive website

The previous Kent Forum website has been archived. You can access it by clicking here or going to http://www.kentcouncilleaders.org.uk/kent_forum/.

The archive is a snapshot, taken on 18/06/2013, which shows web content preserved by Kent Council Leaders. Links, forms and search may not work in the archived website and contact details are likely to be out of date.